Please tell me you’ve seen these videos. Both have been zooming around every social media site imaginable today — I stumbled upon both of them thanks to Facebook’s new trending tool. I won’t spoil them for you (yet), but they’re both great lessons in PR, in addition to entertaining viral videos.

1. World’s Toughest Job

Okay, this one may be more of advertising than PR, but who can ever tell the difference in today’s world? American Greetings, by way of Boston-based ad agency Mullen, released this video to create buzz about what I’m guessing is one of it’s satellite brands, CardStore. Watch the video here …. then keep reading.

If you didn’t watch, the video shows clips from real Skype interviews for a fake job posting, known on social media as “the world’s toughest job.” The interviewer explains that it’s a 24/7 position with no breaks and no pay. Just as the applicants begin to call him crazy, the interviewer explains that the job is actually being a mom.

It’s pretty obvious why this is an Ad/PR win. The video went viral almost immediately and #worldstoughestjob has been trending on Facebook and Twitter all day. From a more analytical perspective, the #worldstoughestjob garnered more than 9,000 mentions since its release this morning, with an average 100% positive feedback in those posts, according to Social Radar. The video came out weeks before Mother’s Day, but it already has people wondering what the company will do for Father’s Day.

2. Southwest Flight Attendant’s Comedic Safety Speech

When you get on a plane, you know what’s coming: flight attendants gesturing toward the emergency exits and reading the safety card to you (because they know you won’t read it yourself). On a flight to Salt Lake City, though, one Southwest flight attendant decided to switch things up — and I hope she never switches back. Check it out here:

If you didn’t watch it … you missed out. She recited the typical safety speech like a stand-up comedy sketch, throwing in lines like, “If you’re traveling with small children, we’re sorry.” She welcomes passengers on board her “please-and-thank-you-and-you’re-such-a-good-looking-flight-attendant flight,” eliciting lots of laughter from everyone on board — and even more from the people watching it online today.

As far as I know, Southwest did not coordinate, pay for, or otherwise promote that video at all. Yet it goes to show what good employee relations can do for your brand. Southwest has long been known as one of the most employee-friendly airlines — and this video proves why. Employees enjoy their jobs and get to have fun in their roles, which translates to better customer service and, in this case, great publicity.

It’s been a great day for public relations — but then again, isn’t it always?


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