By now, we should all know not to “reply all” to an office-wide email or email our boss at 2 a.m. As with technology, though, the rules of email etiquette are constantly changing. It’s both good manners and good PR to make sure that you’re keeping up with the times.

“Sent from my iPhone.” “Sent from my iPad.” These are the all-too-familiar default signatures at the end of mobile emails sent from Apple devices. It’s a nifty branding trick on Apple’s part, but it’s also been considered unprofessional or annoying by email readers everywhere — until now.

Aside from the email signature (and the stellar performance, sleek presentation, etc.), Apple devices are known for their autocorrect feature. Love it or hate it, autocorrect can make or break a professional or otherwise important email. To make sure it doesn’t break your email game, add a preventative note to your classically Apple email signature like so:

“Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any errors.”

“Sent from my iPhone. Pardon any typos.”

A simple note like this basically says, “If there’s an obvious typo in this email, blame autocorrect, not me.” It may not completely make up for the error, but it doesn’t hurt to include it just in case.

To change your iPhone or iPad’s signature, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and scroll down to Signature. Type your desired signature in the box, and you’re done!

For more email tips and tricks, check out my article on Her Campus, 8 Email Hacks to Make Your Inbox Awesome.


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