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Alex graduaScreen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.26.53 AMted from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December 2014. She double-majored in Public Relations and Spanish, but only because, to her dismay, future White House Press Secretary isn’t an option at UNC (yet). She has professional experience in both public relations and journalism.

In her professional life, Alex hopes to fall somewhere between making news and responding to it. She’s passionate about public relations and media, especially regarding politics, nonprofits and crises. She does her best work under pressure and always makes time management a priority.

Outside of work, Alex is a homebody who appreciates a good adventure. She enjoys early-morning yoga classes, late-night Dominos pizzas, and red velvet cupcakes all day long. She loves to travel and attempts to take artsy pictures of the places she’s been.

When she’s not in Chapel Hill, Alex loves traveling or returning home to the greatest hometown ever, Virginia Beach, Va.  When the weather is nice, you’ll find her lying on the beach or paddleboarding on Virginia Beach’s not-so-impressive waves.  Life can take her where it may, but she hopes she never ends up too far inland.

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